We offer flexible Maintenance Agreements for customers who have requirement constraints as well as budget constraints. Our options include differing radius coverage, response time, level of spare coverage as well as days of coverage (option to include Sat, Sun or even Public Holidays). We are one of the few integration companies in the nation that provide our own service centres nationwide, with people hired and trained with the necessary skills by vendors and consultants to maintain and support our customers on 24 hours basis, if necessary. We can offer as low as 2 hours response time, one of the fastest in the IT industry. The products that we support ranges from modems (standalone or rack mount), PC, Point-of-Sales, Servers, UPSes to high tech equipment such as Statistical Mux, ATM, SDH and Frame Relay switches covering customer HeadQuarters, state branches, as well as agents on a nationwide basis. We are currently maintaining networks deployed by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Financial Service Institutions, Telco Providers,  Insurance companies and Banks, Oil and Gas companies among others.

For customers who may have 3rd party equipment (hardware/software) and proprietary equipment in their network and is in the need for DGB to support these equipment nationwide, DGB may require some degree of familiarisation of equipment deployed and the spares for support in this circumstance must be worked out between the parties to reduce response time.

We also cater to customers who require Preventive Maintenance to their systems on a monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis. The scope of work here encompass checking and running diagnostic tests on machines to ensure that parts are working correctly and potential problems are eradicated or minimised. It is during this time too that a study on the availability of resources as well as connectivity of resources are re-looked into.

Cost of service and maintenance is usually based on the customer’s requirement in terms of geographical distance, response time, days of coverage, hours of coverage and the need to keep spares.